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Automatic Rolling Shutter Materials Production

We are the first company in Turkey engaged in manufacturing Automatic Rolling Shutter Materials since 2000

We continue our development by increasing the variety and quality of the products we offer since the day it was founded.

We provide Demountable Shutter (Plug&Play) service according to your dimensions.

We are providing wholesale or retail products or accessories for sale service.


  • Rolling Shutter Guide Rail up to 7mt 

  • Slat Made of Galvanized Steel 77mm

  • Spring Box 220/60 and 240/76 

  • Tube Heads for 76mm and 102mm tubes

  • Bottom Bar 

  • Reverse/Flat Hook made of Galvanized Steel

  • Roller Manufacturing (Left/Right)

  • Side Frame Production 300x300 350x350 400x400 2.5mm 

  • Sales of Tube Motor and Chain Motor According to Shutter Size

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