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Having started his business life in İstanbul , with iron and Profile Sales, Nevzat Çolakoğlu continues to operate in the Iron and Steel sector with half a century of experience.
Çolakoglu Metal Nevzat Çolakoglu was established in 1987 in Persembe Pazarı Demirciler Sitesi. Main activities are Wholesale Trade Sheet and Plate Cutting bending and continued in the years that began as Turkey has carried out the first on-site manufacturing of Automatic Shutters Materials.
Manufacture of Automatic Shutter Materials, up to 20 mm CNC Cutting and CNC Press Brake, Punching, Special Welded manufacturing, Corner Cutting, Profile Cutting, Project and Contracting works, Fire ladder manufacturing, such as the production of customers with a wide range of products.
Today, Factory is located in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone, serves the needs of the Iron and Steel sector with its Rich Machine Park, Expert Team and Staff.

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